Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top 10 Toys For Cats!

I was looking for cat toys online and found this list. Here's a link to a free cat scratch post too!

1. Laser Light - The laser light is by far our favorite toy, and our humans like playing with it, too! We spend an hour every evening playing, “Chase the Fairy.” This is a great little bargain at about $7.99, too! Every cat should have one.

2. Turbo Scratcher - Number two most favorite toy is the Turbo Scratcher. This has a durable, hard plastic ring with a ball that can’t escape (and rolls REALLY fast) and a refillable cardboard scratching center. Every feline from kitten to mature cat loves this toy! These are only about $11.99 and worth every cent.

3. Kitty Tunnel - This toy barely ranks below the Turbo Scratcher. We love our Kitty Tunnel! It’s good for chasing and hunting and hiding and rolling and napping. It’s a great thing! $22.99 is a little on the high end, but that’s for a fancy expanding one. And we would still want it even if mom had to spend a little more. Kitty tents, by the way, aren't as great because they collapse on us.

4. Kitty Kat Circus - We kittens really dig this toy and can spend lots of time being entertained by it. Our older brothers and sisters weren’t so impressed. This one is $24.99, but it is pretty durable and can be taken apart easily and put away if needed.

5. Peek-a-prize Toy Box - This is a square box with lots of paw-sized holes stuffed with kitty toys. It is a wonderful toy that keeps us busy. It comes in different sizes, starting at $24.99 and is cool enough to splurge on the price.

6. Race and Chase - This has a mouse inside a durable plastic wheel. The mouse is so hard to get, but we love chasing him anyway! This is a reasonably priced toy at around $12.99

7. Boxes and Baskets - There's nothing better than a cardboard box, and they are completely free! We also like baskets in all shapes and sizes, though.

8. Catnip Mice - Still an all-time favorite, they must be on our list because no kitty can be happy without catnip mice. If they have feathers on them, they’re even better!

9. Feathers on string - Feathers on anything!

10. Balls - Fuzzy balls, jingly balls, little balls, big balls, we love balls! Our favorite are an orange, rattling tennis ball by 9-lives.

Found here.

Free cat scratch post here!


SportJock said...

Can you find me a Automatic Liter Box cleaner..thats the worst part of my day!

Artsy said...

This are great. My kitty loves them all. Thanks for the link!