Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tips For Setting Up Your Above Ground Pool

Wow, I can't believe I found this!

We don't have a pool in our backyard and I was talking to my husband about pools the other day. Granted, summer is just about over - but maybe we'll install one next year. I searched online and found this great pool for FREE. This has to be a $1000+ item but they are offering it for free.

I'm going to fill out the info later tonight. If it gets here soon enough, we'll probably install it right away. It might be getting a little cold outside to use it now, but its perfect for next summer. My kids will be so happy!

Don't we wish these pools would have been on the market when we were kids! These pools put the plastic pools from my childhood to shame.

But there IS a little more to setting them up then tossing in the hose. Just follow your pools directions, but keep these tips in mind too.

1. Put down a layer of level sand under your tarp or ground cloth to make it more stable and resistant to tears.

2. Place the filter in a corner area of your square ground cloth so it is more likely to remain upright and away from the mower.

3. Your filter has to plug in, be sure and use a bright colored extension cord to eliminate trips and falls.

4. Always have a patch kit or two on hand, they do work well but you may lose a lot of water if you have to run to the store when and if you need one.

5. Get as many wrinkles out of the liner as possible starting with the middle.

6. Add the water slowly until all the wrinkles have been smoothed out. Too much water makes it hard, if not impossible, to work out the wrinkles.

7. Double check to make sure the drain plug is in.

8. Double check to make sure your pump hoses are secure and burp the air out of the pump before you plug it in.

9. Read the chemical labels and learn what to add when. It really isn't that hard if you consistently take care of it.

10. Have Fun!! Be sure and supervise your children carefully and to keep the chemicals out of reach. Also remember that pool covers are meant to keep debris out of the pool and are not meant as a safety device to keep children safe. That is your job, you will be the lifeguard always on duty with a pool in the yard.

Found here.

Free Aruba Pool here!

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