Monday, October 13, 2008

Wind Generators For Home Use

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With rising electricity costs and the price of a barrel of oil shooting up again with gasoline prices to follow, many mainstream people (not just treehuggers) are now looking for wind generator plans to help power their homes. While the Pickens Plan may be a noble effort in offering renewable energy to the masses, this is still a case of big utility companies with new packaging selling electricity to homes and businesses to make a hefty profit.

A more ideal solution is for residents to take matters into their own hands, get a hold of a quality set of wind generator plans so that they can cheaply and effectively use air power to generate electricity. For those who aren’t quite the McGyver do-it-yourselfers then buying a residential wind turbine mostly prebuilt, as I have talked about before, may just be what you need.

One aspect that many homeowners usually don’t consider when thinking about adding wind power or solar energy to their homes is the local zoning ordinances. Local governments such as the one in Manitowoc County need to catch up and make it easy for homeowners to install wind turbines on their homes.

Many people also go by the assumption that building a wind generator from scratch is either too time consuming or too expensive. But, there are some wind generator plans available that are easy and quick to build, cheap and works for years. This can also be a fun home project and educational experience if you have kids.

Shared energy is a very democratic idea. Free energy is something people have dreamed about for centuries. Empowering yourself and your family with wind power now may just be the most productive move you’ve made in a long while.

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